Strong Families Strong Wyoming's objective is to help traditional high school students and at-risk youth increase their knowledge and skills to improve their likelihood of forming and sustaining healthy relationships, co-parent effectively and develop self-sufficiency as they transition into adulthood.

SFSW's mission is to improve student understanding of what constitutes a healthy relationship, the skills necessary to achieve a healthy relationship, and the important benefits of marriage not only for themselves but also for their future children and families.

SFSW is dedicated to healthy relationships and marriage, but not at any cost. SFSW works to provide healthy relationship education to assist teens in making good future relationship decisions and hopefully to begin reducing Wyoming's high incidence of divorce. With proven relationship classes, community support services and comprehensive economic self-sufficiency services, SFSW strives to

  • Improve Current/Future Family Functioning;
  • Reduce Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence;
  • Successful Transitioning to Adulthood;
  • Increase economic stability and mobility for our at-risk students.