You Can Be an Awesome Parent!

Partner with us as you get started

If you're a teenager who has recently become a parent, you may feel overwhelmed by your new responsibilities. Maybe you're asking questions such as:

  • How do I deal with parenting along with my other responsibilities?
  • What does it mean to successfully co-parent?
  • How do I remain focused on my child?

Strong Families Strong Wyoming is here to help you answer these super important questions. At our afterschool Teen Parents course, you'll learn from parenting pros about how to negotiate a co-parenting relationship and communicate better for the sake of yourself, your child and your future together.

If you'd like to set yourself up to feel like a proud parent, call SFSW at 307-514-4450 to sign up for our Teen Parents afterschool class!

It all starts at home

For the last 15 years, Strong Families Strong Wyoming has helped young adults in communities throughout Wyoming. Through federal and state grants, we teach the basics of healthy relationship skills and career development.